Financing rewards allocations plan in Sep

According to the proposal on Snapshot and PoC:

We have 1500U + 1000 LXP in the rewards pool. And we have 1000 LXPU monthly budgets to share.

According to the previous contribution, the allocation of the 2500 LXPU rewards pool is as follows:

  • Will: 800LXPU for legal services.
  • Vivi: 500LXPU for assistance with BVI registration and legal advice.
  • Tongtong: 600LXPU for financing assistance.
  • Rockey: 200LXPU for financing assistance.
  • Qishi: 200LXPU for advisory services.
  • Tata: 200LXPU for advisory services.

After that, the rewards pool will be empty.

For the monthly budget for Sep:

  • Bruce: 950LXPU
  • Vivi: 50LXPU

Please check and confirm, and leave your address if you are not registered on thanks.

Bruce confirmed. At least 20

Qishi confirmed. Just registered for an account here :rofl:

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Will confirmed. Great work team!

qishi + will + vivi submitted.

tongtong comfirmed
sorry for the late confirmation, just came back from vacation

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