Expert WG Weekly #5

Host: @kahn.yuan
Time: 2023/08/12 15:00-15:45 (GMT+8)
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  • Topics:
  1. Support operation activity (Hackhouse, Workshop).
  2. Tech supports projects. (fully on-chain game).
  3. Track project status. ((Fairsharing, Donate3).
  4. Share and bounty set.
  5. Discuss the next session’s focus.
  • Random talks.

Fairsharing project status:

  • Set milestones
  • Frontend development has begun

Donate3 status:

  1. Back-end code international.
  2. Didn’t use Prisma.
  3. Ethereum token symbol needs to be corrected.
  4. The Infura API key is exposed.
  5. Just one table, is it necessary to use the database? EAS can make it.

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