Expert WG Weekly #4

Host: @kahn.yuan
Time: 2023/08/05 15:00-15:45 (GMT+8)
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  • Topics:
  1. Support operation activity (Hackhouse, Workshop(feedback)).
  2. Tech supports projects. (fully on-chain game (proposal?), Fairsharing).
  3. Track project status. (routine) (Fairsharing(?), Donate3(Kahn)).
  4. Expert capability model.
  5. Start up the next special research. (bounty?)
  • Random talks.

Several ideas combined in a thread:

1 The worldcoin orb uses a very unique way to idenity the real person.
2 Viatalik talked about proof of personhood.
3 A better way maybe the social network way instead of biometric.
4 EAS in a social network maybe a good direction.
5 AS (Attestation Service) over nostr protocol? maybe a good idea, because it is cheap that do not cost gas fee.

Expert capability model can also be done in such a AS over nostr way.