Expert WG Weekly #13

Host: @kahn.yuan
Time: 2023/10/09 17:00-17:45 (GMT+8)
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  • Topics:
  1. Verify POC.
  2. Sync research status.
  3. Review《web3通识手册》status.
  4. Discuss utopia labs.
  5. Discuss fields of focus.
  • Random talks.

Decentralized GLG

Consultation networks such as GLG (650m$ annual revenue) are popular ways for people to request very specific experts that cannot work as full-time professional consultants, but still have extremely valuable insights to share. These networks are extremely monitored and highly regulated, limiting their value and creating a general chilling effect over the product. Crypto-social-networks such as Friend.Tech have emerged, suggesting at least the possibility of expertise-sharing for niche thinkers. We think that web3, with its abilities to preserve privacy, resist censorship and transfer value, is uniquely suited to reinvent the expert consultancy.

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