Establishment of partnership: Artela and LXDAO


This proposal will give a brief introduction to Artela and the partnership with Artela, as well as some of the business developments that will follow, and will be continuously updated in this post.

What is Artela?

Artela is the first scalable blockchain to enable modular and customized dApps through EVM+Aspect programming.

Artela is a dual VM blockchain focused on extending on-chain functionality. artela dApps are built on top of a novel VM + WASM architecture using Aspect Programming which can bring new features and behaviors to existing blockchain protocols that have not been possible until now. The architecture is fully combinable with other applications, can be published at runtime, and is cheaper and more computationally powerful than any other application.

The Artela blockchain has the following features:


EVM-equivalence but beyond EVM, enabling Rich dAppand Public Service building.


Support heterogeneous modular stacks, and native interoperability within and beyond the network.


Elastic block space design, independent block spaces for large-scale dApps.

Why collaborate?

LXDAO is a developer-oriented community, and we are able to take on some of Artela’s developer needs and help proliferate its activities through an effective R&D process and a focus on public goods and open source products.

Artela is the first scalable blockchain to implement modular and customized dApps through EVM+Aspect programming, and the ecosystem is currently booming, and needs some developer and ecological support, as well as the ability to build a public goods ecosystem.

We are all Chinese-centric organizations and are all willing to build on public goods and open source products

In terms of cooperation

LXDAO will cooperate with Artela in the following areas in the future

Event Preparation and Publicity Support

We will be working on the preparation of some events, as well as collaborating with Artela on their promotion.

Development Support

LXDAO will provide developer resources to Artela for development support.

Project Co-construction

LXDAO will cooperate with Artela in some projects.


The next requests for collaboration will be updated regularly in this post based on the discussion.

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