English Learning Group - Translation Group Workflow

Here is translation group info.

Regarding the contribution value, there is fixed contribution value for guider, 100 lxp / week, 20 lxp / translation article duty editor. 50 lxp / translation article.

or it will be distributed through a retrospective method.

I don’t believe that translation is the most effective way to learn English. From what I’ve seen, many editors simply use translation tools like ChatGPT or Google to translate, and then perform only minimal editing to earn LXP.

I propose that we break this task into two parts:

  1. English language learning: In order to achieve the best results, we need to establish clear learning goals and design a comprehensive learning plan. This may include hiring professional English teachers, for which participants may be required to pay a fee.
  2. Translation of high-quality articles for introduction to the Chinese community: To ensure that translations are accurate and professional, the translators must have strong English skills. As such, the LXDAO treasury may need to provide compensation for each translated article.

First of all, I think English work group - translation group is not only for studying, it is for our needs.

We need more good translation articles and also we need to study, why does it have to be the same as tradition studying way?

We can get better English language learning course from internet. And we can learn by ourselves. Maybe we can use limited resource to do both of our two needs in early stage.