EIPs Fun treasury management and multi-sig

We will create a multi-sig for the EIPs Fun project for managing and distributing funds. All donations, grants, etc. will go to this multi-sig and be gated by multi-sigs. We use proposals to apply the funds from the treasury.

Treasury: 0x36C4f0d9FD9ED768491EC2c492634218BC3e5A72


  • Kahn (LXDAO) eth:0x97B7F8fDB22d5BAb6C0AcF3Cd319eC18da8063c3
  • 5660.eth (PlanckerDAO) eth:0xcf4EbcAAb025aF245c8fa76F39eaCe4A7FABA148
  • Mike (LXDAO) eth:0x265B05613FeF6E489C707d2433f9b922E67A8df9
  • Zik (PlanckerDAO) eth:0x9D42a19E504f5F87f8B4eDF7F9ABf510a3026fab
  • brucexu.eth (LXDAO) eth:0x17c57bD297175e5711Ee3Daf045252B588f3162F

Multi-sig nominees:

  • Bruce Xu: LXDAO co-initiator and PM of EIPs Fun project
  • Zik: Plancker DAO OP, early contributor to EIPs Fun project
  • 1998: LXDAO co-initiator, lead of LXDAO experts working group
  • Kahn: Core at LXDAO, senior Full Stack of EIPs Fun project
  • LINK: Plancker DAO, TODO
  • 5660.eth: Plancker DAO, EIPs contributor, researchers of EIPs Fun project
  • Mike: Product manager of EIPs Fun project

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Feel free to introduce yourself if you want to be the multi-sig, and I’ll add you to the poll.