EIPs Fun reward sharing plans

Hi guys, according to Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. here are rough plans for sharing grants.

According to the proposal: Snapshot. We have the following plans:

PM: 2000
Devs: 7000
UI: 1500
Product Manager: 1000
Content Editors: 2000
LXDAO Community Support: 2000
In total: 15500U. Share with PoW.

We are about to finish the first phase of the project, here, I propose to share half of the grants based on the PoW in this Month.

Note: Our fair sharing tool is immature so PoW on notion won’t be very accurate. If someone is missing from the list or feels you need to get less or more, please speak out. If you agree with your part, please reply: Confirmed and agree. Thanks.

Draft sharing plans

PM: 1000

  • Bruce: day-to-day management, host weekly meeting, deck | 900
  • Vanessa: project milestone management, assistant | 100

Devs: 3500

  • Kahn: Backend development, tech architecture design, GPT, and management | 1300
  • Neal Li: Details page Frontend development | 1000
  • Jack Guo: Homepage and index page Frontend development, script | 1000
  • Neal Wang: QA, test cases | 200

UI: 750

  • Wangteng: UI, design review | 750

PM: 500

  • Mike: Product, deck, product review | 500
  • Zik: EIPs Fund | 100 → 0

Content Editor and Operation: 1000

  • Mike: operation plans and actions discussion | 150
  • Bruce: operation plans design, BD and external communication | 200
  • Owen: 101 series, content | 100
  • Tiao: content research and creation and GitHub workflow build | 250
  • Julie: Operation plans and actions discussion | 100
  • K: Early Operation plan design | 100
  • 5660.eth: Advisor | 100 → 0

LXDAO Community: 1000


Looks fair enough to me

Confirmed and agree. Thanks.

Confirmed and agree. Thanks. form(Jack)

Confirmed and agree. Thanks.


Confirmed and agree. Thanks.




Thanks, Julie

Confirmed and agree. Thanks.

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Confirmed and agree. Thanks.


Confirmed with 5660.eth, he doesn’t take the rewards, updated.

Final sharing plans based on replies

PM: 1000

  • Bruce: 900
  • Vanessa: 100 0x36737250aa762A996E97D7F8F78B514455247710

Devs: 3300

  • Kahn: 1300
  • Neal Li: 1000 0xD2567eb0893c8b5DE7deAC1CB66d8d60178767e8
  • Jack Guo: 1000

UI: 750

  • Wangteng: 750

PM: 500

  • Mike: 500 0x265B05613FeF6E489C707d2433f9b922E67A8df9

Content Editor and Operation: 800

  • Mike: 150 0x265B05613FeF6E489C707d2433f9b922E67A8df9
  • Bruce: 200
  • Owen: 100 0x29Faeb62f4e9E1456c2fEED5c6f27B13Fae91Dae
  • Tiao: 250 0x5234F85c1c94A84BD4575867ABDD298FC90b144e
  • Julie: 100 0x6940F4544bE0b712459CF26eABB86Ef0A5973b16

LXDAO Community: 1000

Total amount: 7350


  • Neal Wang: QA, test cases | 200
  • K: Early Operation plan design | 100

One small comment, from this form, it looks like my contribution is not reflected. I actually requested to donate the proceeds back to the community on my behalf, and this type of contribution should be reasonably recorded.

Maybe we should make it mandatory for everyone to receive the rewards that everyone deserves. It will make the mechanism simple.

Good points. Yeah, agree with you. If you want to donate it back, you can transfer it back after that. But need to pay some gas fee.

I have submitted it to the LXDAO Financing team to issue. How about starting this strategy next time?

cool, let’s discuss it and form a rule.

Added to the weekly meeting

Neal Wang