EIPs Fun Project Weekly #2

Host: @Bruce_LXDAO

Date: 18th April 2023, Tue
Time: 18:30 - 19:30
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

Meeting Links: Join conversation


  • Progress Update
    • RoadMap review
    • PoC Review
    • Actions review
  • What’s Next
  • Actions
  • Random Talks
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Build an index, list all EIP adoption, and create a leaderboard.

We can collaborate with NFTgo for this. They already have the data, and only require a little effort, so we don’t need to start from scratch.

From Shrug Newton :round_pushpin:HK & Tokyo

Operation plans from K

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From Kahn, it’s good to have a welcome email after subscribing.

Community? Ethereum cat herders collaboration?

Zik DAO* EIP funding plan

参会人员:Mike,K,Boyu,Jason, Vanessa,BruceXu, 5660,cckk,owen

2.建立一个Notion表格,鼓励大家领取EIP 101写作Tasks。

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