EIPs Fun Project Weekly #10

Host: @Bruce_LXDAO

Date: 13th June 2023, Tue
Time: 18:30 - 19:30
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

Meeting Links: Join conversation


  • Progress Update
    • PoC Review
    • Actions review
  • What’s Next
  • Actions
  • Run scripts
  • Random Talks

About EIPs Grants:

In the Gitcoin model, it’s Grants mechanism, which involves finding a suitable set of projects to match. The matching model chosen by Gitcoin is FQ.

In the Protocol Guild model, the allocation is made to a certain group of contributors, and PG chose 0xSplits as the main tool, and the allocation mechanism is also tailored to target “groups of contributors”.

For EIPs Grants, till now, we think it should be Grants model.

For those who are interested in the following projects, please feel free to come along and study together, all these projects have a strong relationship with our goal EIPs Grants:

DAOdrops: https://daodrops.io/
Giveth: https://giveth.io/
and this: So - you want to start a Guild?