EIPs Fun project idea and proposal

Great pre-proposal, thank you Bruce! I have a few thoughts to discuss:

About Milestones

  • The project could have a major milestone split into two stages based on the establishment of the Grants Pool.
  • The primary focus of the first stage(before the establishment of Grants Pool) is to make EIPs more user-friendly and useful, and to facilitate effective interaction among contributors around EIPs, with the aim of building a community.
  • Without a community formed organically in the first stage, launching the Grants Pool may not be possible or may not be active even if launched.
  • The Grants Pool relies on the community formed by contributors around a particular EIP, also needs supports from the Ethereum core community.
  • The first stage is service-oriented, while the second stage focuses on legitimacy. For EIPs.fun, legitimacy may equate to publicness.

About Organization

  • The organizational structure of this organization should be decentralized.
  • Based on the fact that each EIP will form a community or some kind of subDAO, contribution records will be generated early on, and these contributors will have voting rights after the Grants Pool is established in the later stage.
  • The maintenance team should be decentralized, which may mean that the maintenance team is a type of public layer affair.
  • Adequate funding is necessary to support public layer affair.

GPT can be utilized to process more text-based content.

Providing functions is one dimension, while organizing contributors to offer functions is another crucial dimension.