EIP Fun allocation in Oct

Proof of Contribution Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Missing main contributions:

  • Bruce: Istanbul ERC preparation, Plancker funding EIP Fun plans, 6551 BD, and operations
  • Yuntian: operations plans (not executed)

The estimated allocation plans in Oct:

  • Bruce: PM: 800
  • Tiao: Editor: 400
  • Zoe: Editor and Operation: 660
  • wwei: Dev: 138
  • Yuntian Operation: 200 (bouns to encourage operation)
  • Invoice: Bruce 396 for ERC meetup merch


  • Reduce the total expenditure on editing and Newsletters as we need more operation and promotion at this stage

Will use FairSharing after it is online.

thanks and I am good with it.

Confirm and agree. Thanks.

Confirm and agree. Thanks.

Confirmed and agree, thanks!