EIP Fun Allocation in Jan

Hi team,

Below is the summary of PoC and estimated allocation plan in Jan. Please reply to confirm, or let me know if there is any issue. Thanks!

(Using excel this month as well, as contribution scale was mistaken)

FS link pasted as below: https://app.fairsharing.xyz/project/0x34F79a8A444B93d38B0a6a379f1B3ca9764BB1d4/contribution

The estimated allocation plans in Dec:

  • Chloe PM: 2000
  • Bruce: 110
  • Tiao Editor: 74.5
  • Zoe Editor: 425.5
  • Iris: 150
  • Wang Teng Design: 120

Confirmed and agreed to my rewards.Thanks!

Adding Bruce’s Jan invoice for eip.fun domain reviewal: 273.42 USD
Link: January Invoice - #3 by Bruce_LXDAO

Confirmed and agreed to my rewards.Thanks!

Recommend using FairSharing in the future.