Early Core Contributor Token Shares plan

We have reserved a portion of the token for the early core contributor. At the early stage, we have limited funds but need more contributions. Thus these token shares will be used as incentives for early core contributors. It is very important for LXDAO to keep the core contributors and encourage them to contribute consistently.

We are designing the LXDAO tokenomics, like how to release and allocate these tokens. Currently, we can only confirm the share percentage and share this information with the whole community. Later, we will update them on-chain to their SBT and write the logic in the smart contract.

This plan follows the Web3 rules: earlier, riskier, but get more. So, later, the new core contributors will receive less and less until there are no remaining shares. It is around 18%, can up to 20%.

Existing records

  • Bruce Xu: 6% Reason: LXDAO initiator, tech expert, full time but with less salary at the early stage in exchange for more shares
  • Yootou: 3.5% Reason: very early contributor, tech expert, bring Marry3 into LXDAO
  • Kuncle: 2.5% Reason: very early contributor, big data expert
  • Muxin: 2% Reason: very early contributor, GCLX artist, MFNFT core contributor
  • Satoshi Natsu: 0.25% Reason: very early contributor, enterprise and business adviser
  • Teng Wang: 0.5% Reason: early contributor, senior UI/UX designer
  • Marcus: 0.5% Reason: early contributor, operator
  • DaoDAO: 0.5% Reason: early contributor, senior product designer, Marry3 co-founder
  • Khan Yuan: 0.5% Reason: early contributor, senior mobile developer

Currenlty, in total 16.25%, 1.75% left.

How can I get this?

First, please remember this is a bonus for your early contributions to LXDAO. So, please do not set expectations, just try to show your passion for contributing to LXDAO and contributing to the community. The core contributors and the community will notice what you have done and one day might give you a surprise.