Due to the leakage of the wallet private key, members will make a change of wallet

Due to the theft of wallet, member LOGIC is requesting to change the Member Profile.

Affected members:https://lxdao.io/buidlers/0x6A1B95E7402D2562b3EDB6124b059522e5178578

private key disclosure proof:DeBank | The Web3 Messenger & Best Web3 Portfolio Tracker

The current logic will request a member profile change, which will be done by the following process

  1. Confirm whether the wallet is stolen
  2. Phone or voice confirmation from a member of the governance WG to confirm whether the person is a real person.
  3. Logic registers a new member profile.
  4. Governance team members issue a new badge to the new address.
  5. The LXP of the original address cannot be transferred out or destroyed for the time being. and will be backed up.

Confirmed on the phone, it’s a real person. Now changing address.

New Member Profile: https://lxdao.io/buidlers/0xAcb4313910574b69e8116617105b97993ED8319d

Logic confirmed to change wallet address from 0x6A1B95E7402D2562b3EDB6124b059522e5178578 to 0xAcb4313910574b69e8116617105b97993ED8319d in LXDAO account, because of the potential disclosure hazard of private key.