DAO Tools Working Group Leader Recruitment

Hello everyone, I am Muxin, the current leader of the DAO Tools Working Group. Season 2 of the working group is about to commence and we are openly recruiting a new leader. If you are interested in becoming a new leader, please reply to this post or contact me directly to apply.

What is the DAO Tools Working Group and why do we need it:

DAO Tools Working Group is mainly responsible for the Infrastructure of LXDAO. Including but not limited to automated processes that work with DAO governance, collaboration tools between DAO members, asset contracting, etc.

LXDAO currently boasts a team of 54 builders, working on 11 projects, and a community of over 12k influence. As the community continues to grow, it is vital to have support from DAO Tools for infrastructure development. To enhance governance efficiency, automating some governance processes is necessary, reducing the need for manual labor. Effective collaboration between builders and projects is also crucial, and we need reliable collaboration tools to promote it. Adhering to the “code is law” principle, we believe that managing DAO assets and builder contributions on-chain through smart contracts is essential.

The DAO Tools Working Group will be responsible for the following:

  • Maintain and continuously optimize existing LXDAO tools or platforms, such as the LXDAO official website, LXP management system, email system, and onboarding system, to support and improve LXDAO governance efficiency.
  • Research and select/create a buidler task management and distribution tool.
  • Create a project contribution allocation contract and system.
  • Other DAO Tools-related tools or systems, can independently initiate project proposals.
  • Others.

As a DAO Tools leader, you should meet the following requirements:

  1. Demonstrate an interest in DAO and DAO infrastructure.
  2. Possess some full-stack development experience; familiarity with smart contract development is a plus.
  3. Have experience in project management.
  4. Be able to commit to a fixed time schedule.

Responsibilities of the DAO Tools Working Group Leader:

  1. Develop the work plan and budget for the working group. For instance, for Season 2, the cycle will be three months.
  2. Recruit working group members.
  3. Organize weekly meetings of the working group to monitor the progress of work and identify potential problems.
  4. Update the work progress in weekly community meetings and write weekly reports.

Benefits for DAO Tools Working Group Leaders:

  1. Fixed income, depending on the budget.
  2. Deep involvement in the construction of DAO, and helping develop the entire DAO.
  3. Gain relevant and valuable hands-on experience.

DAO Tools Season 1 summary:

Over the past nine months, the DAO Tools Group has been hard at work on a number of important projects. These have included:

Thanks to our buidlers who put efforts on the above projects: Wang Teng, wodeche.eth, dissey, Jacky, 0xhardman.eth, NealZhu, Kahn Yuan, Black3.eth, DaoDAO, 0x1998, Bruce Xu, Marcus, Muxin. These projects have been completed successfully and are already having a significant impact on the LXDAO community. Going forward, the group will continue to work on new tools and resources to help support the growth and development of LXDAO.

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