Create code examples for comparing different JS frameworks for connecting contracts

This will be a small coding task for learning and coding for the specific requirements (read from the contract and write to the contract) with Nodejs, React, Vue, and frameworks web3.js, ethers.js, viem, etc. A bit similar with

In this task, the participants will learn how to integrate with contracts and the differences between JS frameworks. In the end, we might be able to find the pros and cons for each framework and create a technical post for the conclusion.

what’s the target user?

Developers who would like to learn and try different frameworks.

Also, we could compare and see if we could build one.

@wwei @0xhardman @kahn.yuan might be good to discover non-wagmi vanilla JS solution for connecting the wallet.

There are some issue related to wagmi: [BUG] Some error happened when import donate3 · Issue #1 · lxdao-official/donate3-sdk-import-demo · GitHub

And the package size are large due to so many dependences.