Contribute Web3 features to Discourse?

The Discourse is the most commonly used forum opensource project but lacks Web3 features. We might create plugins or PRs for it?

Some discussions on their forum:

Sign in with Ethereum plugin Sign-In with Ethereum plugin - #2 by RGJ - plugin - Discourse Meta

I think it should have:

  • Connect Wallet to sign in
  • Read and Get roles and permission from SBTs or NFTs from that wallet

NFT avatar plugin NFT avatar plugin (discourse-nft-avatar) ⛵ - plugin - Discourse Meta

ATM, the roles system should be the biggest issue from Discourse. Unlike the design of Discord, the roles are highly coupled with the system, there are fixed roles in the system.

But in Discord, the roles are very flexible and high customizable. We can give the user different roles and control the access to different features, topics, etc.

Still looking for the plugin or solutions.

If there is a plugin, the core issue should be the adaptation with forum account systems and web3 DIDs. For example, recognize user’s ENS or BIT identity, and automatically assign specific roles in the forum.

Hi Bruce! I saw your post on meta:
New React.js Template - #9 by - ux - Discourse Meta

that is how I found this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm… but you can also make custom groups … it should be fine. :+1:

I wrote similar functionality for discord roles. Sync your Discord roles with your Discourse groups! - YouTube The logic should be very similar. Maybe can adapt the spruceid login with ethereum plugin to achieve this. Or maybe they plan on implementing this anyway. GitHub - spruceid/discourse-siwe-auth: Discourse plugin for SIWE authentication


Welcome, thank you for sharing! Have to say, I just built the Discourse for a few days, there are a lot of features and concepts we don’t know. Will take a look at your projects and the resources, and let’s see what we can do to make those better! :grinning:

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