Brand new governance process for Stage2

We used to rely on Notion for governance, but now it’s time to formalize the process. We should establish governance rules by creating LXDAO Improvement Proposals (LIPs), beginning with LIP0 to outline the basic rules for how LXDAO governance works and how to create LIPs for LXDAO.

For each governance topic, such as onboarding, financing, and directions, we should create LIPs to propose any changes. For instance, if LIP1 pertains to onboarding, we need to create and discuss the proposal, and send it to the community for voting. If we later decide that the onboarding process requires updating, we must create a new LIP (such as LIP10) for the new onboarding process, and reference LIP1 in the proposal to indicate that this is a new proposal for updating LIP1.

And all LIPs should be immutable after it’s finished. We can use GitHub for manage it like: GitHub - makerdao/mips: Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs)

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I think this is very good, and more standardized, the previous LXDAO governance issues are manually recorded on the notion

There are several problems with this approach

  1. not transparent, only the buidlercan see the content of the governance group
  2. apart from working group and project team members, other members use notion less frequently, and many people don’t seem to care about it
  3. only the governance group is collecting and summarizing the governance feedback, but I think governance issues can be raised and collected by everyone, not just the buidler

I think this new idea is great