Best Practices for Components of DAO

For DAO Tools or making a DAO, there are two ways:

All-in-one DAO system:

Combination of DAO Tools:

There are a lot of components for running a DAO, and you can choose some of them based on your requirements.

From my perspective, I prefer the second way, combining the tools you need and making one. From Web architecture design, this is a good practice, like JAM Stack and MEAN Stack.

So, Iā€™m thinking of making best practice guidelines for combining those tools, discovering the missing parts, and building them. Like the Fair PoC system, anonymous voting tools, member NFT, etc.

Maybe the best practice is part of MyFirstDAO?

According to my latest thoughts, I envision DAO tools as a professional field to start a business, not just a product.

  1. Establish a DAO(named DAODAO :)), recruit and attract people who are interested in this new type of organization to join. The mission is to allow hundreds of millions of users to join and establish DAO as easily as joining and creating a company and play the value of DAO.
  2. Set up the following businesses: development of general DAO products (all in one or combination), DAO governance consulting, customized DAO tools, DAO research, etc.
  3. In the early stage, accept a small amount of capital investment, customize DAO tools to obtain benefits, and apply for grants. In the middle and late stages, product commercialization is needed to obtain more benefits, maintain community operations and complete great missions.
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So far, I think the missing components are:

  • Fair sharing based on PoC
  • Anonymous voting
  • An easy-to-use public or token-gated event scheduling system
  • Research system and content generation system
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