Aug, 2023, FairSharing team salary allocation

Allocation detail

Mike Zed Bruce Kahn LGC Daisy Ray Gao Lei TTL
Pizza slices 4560 2730 900 3210 2910 4680 630 420 20040
Proportion 15.51% 9.29% 3.06% 10.92% 9.90% 15.92% 2.14% 1.43% 0.681632653
Role Project lead and PM BE dev Tech arch & consultant FE dev UX/UI designer Tech arch & consultant Scrum consultant 0
Hours (rate = 25) 76 45.5 15 53.5 48.5 78 10.5 7 334
Salary (U/LXP: 6:4) = hours x rate 1900 1137.5 375 1337.5 1212.5 1950 262.5 175 8350
Not included, but included in proportion 6000 6000

Detail link: PoC detail

Key result

  1. Tech arch designed (FE, BE, Contract): principles followed (native, simple, scalable)
  2. FE main flow UX/UI design
  3. MVP product scoping and prototypes
  4. FE/BE/Contract MVP flow: 50% programmed

Important notes

  1. It is the first month, we’d say kudos to ourselves especially the team is newly formed, there were some frictions but so far it is in a quite good shape (initual trust formed).
  2. When allocate, we don’t strictly do it by proportion, e.g. we don’t reward to early contribution made by Bruce, Mike, Yutou, Muxin, because we want to incentivize the working team in this phase. But their “pizza slices” will be calculated in the proportion forever, future reward will be considered.
  3. For first month, it is PM/design focus, as the project goes on, we presume the dev then operation/BD will be the main contribution.

Please confirm the wallet address you signed up on to which we will distribute salary.
Please ping me directly if you have any question on the allocation.

Confiremd, I like 375

Confiremd, wallet address is 0xA90381616eeBC94D89b11afDE57b869705626968.

Confiremd, wallet address is 0x5Ee9F4Fe59aDd6b33bbe41fDaa26BC43af51681c

Confirmed, wallet address 0xb62cE9a8cefB346600eE38e2C34e16FE0d9267eE