Any Idea about MetaPavo?

有一段时间没有迭代 MetaPavo 了,关于这个产品,大家是否有一些自己的想法,我们可以在此做一个讨论,可以放开束缚,天马行空一些,例如:

  • 你认为的 MetaPavo 应该是一个什么样的产品?
  • 你有一些关于类似产品的好的想法?
  • 你日常中有什么相关的痛点?
  • 你希望他能够具备什么功能?
  • 关于现有功能,你认为应该提升什么?

欢迎大家发表意见,目前 MetaPavo 和 DAO 的主线方向其实是有一定程度上的不相关的,这也是我们需要讨论的问题之一,不过这个产品中的某些核心功能对我自己来说还是非常有用的,还是希望这个产品能够持续迭代,有一个华丽的转身。

It’s been a while since MetaPavo has been iterated. Regarding this product, do you have any ideas of your own? We can have a discussion here, let go of the restraints, and be more imaginative, for example:

  • What kind of product do you think MetaPavo should be?
  • Do you have some good ideas about similar products?
  • What are the relevant pain points in your daily life?
  • What function do you want him to have?
  • Regarding existing functions, what do you think should be improved?

Everyone is welcome to express their opinions. At present, the main direction of MetaPavo and DAO is actually irrelevant to a certain extent. This is also one of the issues we need to discuss. However, some core functions of this product are still very useful to me. Yes, I still hope that this product can continue to iterate and have a gorgeous turn.