Announcement: S9 Budget Payment of the Main Treasury

Hii all, under the multi-treasury governance proposal, the LXDAO main treasury will implement quarterly budget payments from S9
The main treasury funds have successfully implemented LIP54 on July 9, and will now be transferred according to the S9 budget of each team.

According to the LIP52, LIP51, LIP50:

Transfer 14400 USDC From LXDAO Main Treasury to Governance WG‘s Treasury
From (0x2c6360a6a376111fe004f50086b05d0d1596f24f)
TO (0xdF97e3B46b781cE47d84f9F2767535d9104D2F00)
Transfer 32400 USDC From LXDAO Main Treasury to Forge WG‘s Treasury
From (0x2c6360a6a376111fe004f50086b05d0d1596f24f)
TO (0x2491d138b18AEd4429bDF9e98cAE003d57F4e4fC)
Transfer 33600 USDC From LXDAO Main Treasury to Operation WG‘s Treasury
From (0x2c6360a6a376111fe004f50086b05d0d1596f24f)
TO (0x1484c531F75f30E98E2459a5b0BFa03b418634D1)

If you need to pay for the project and the personal treasury, please report and publicize it.

Note: Screenshots of external funds transfer required

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Proposal forge applies for one quarter 32400 U

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