About the New To LXDAO - Introduction category

I’m Liam,a freshman majoring in English at Fuzhou University.Passionate about Web3 development.Looking forward to learning Web3 with like-minded individuals.

Hello, I’m Jerry, I’m a Web3 newcomer and a developer(solidity/Javascript/node.js…) . Looking forward to join some interesting projects in LXDAO!

Hi everyone,I am Yuna,working as an ESG analyst now!Nice to meet you all!Hope to share interesting ideas with all of you and participate in the governance of LXDAO in the future~


Hello everyone, my name is Kevin. I’m a rookie to the Web3 world and aspiring to become a buidler. However, my interests are broad and my skills are terrible, lol.

Hello,everyone ,I am a blockchain developer with about 7 years experience. Be familiar with ethereum ecology,ripple and cosmos. I was researching op-stack tech recently.