About the determination of the accounting Group

Hi everyone, in order to ensure the transparency of the LXP project and the financial situation within DAO, I would like to create an accounting team or accounting role to be responsible for this task

At this time, the accounting team will not initiate recurring proposals, we will initiate a recurring team proposal at a later date when roles are clearly defined, currently in the form of short-term employment and retroactive incentives


  • Problem: LXP needs to ensure openness and transparency, and for each objectionable application, there needs to be a role to follow up and propose a specific plan for the future of LXP
  • Solution: The role of the accounting team was introduced to solve this problem
  • Benefits: The accounting team will provide an overview of LXP financials, process and maintain LXP requests to support transparency, increase accountability, and improve the LXP process based on feedback


Review LXP request records monthly and remind PMs to request LXP

Develop future plans based on past LXP usage

Also work to provide an overview of LXP financials so that everyone can easily access this information and audit current practices.


Will continue to provide financial overviews of major LXPs, including monthly summaries and quarterly financial reports.

In addition to this, the accounting team will continue to work on the different topics mentioned above.

In order to achieve these goals, we may need the following positions.

  • Accounting team organizer
  • LXP auditor
  • Accounts and payments analyst
  • Financial Reporting Analyst


Currently operating as a weekly incentive LXP, with a formal proposal to be initiated when a larger scope of responsibilities and confirmed personnel are clarified


One role 50 LXP/Weekly, Core team multiplied by a factor of 0.3

Currently there are Marcus and Ache in the accounting team, if you are interested in joining, please contact Marcus or reply in this thread

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