About Learning Share Plan


Ideas for forming a learning-sharing group

  1. Targeted invitations to share podcasts with people, either internal buidlers or external celebrities
  2. Aggregate shared content and output research reports
  3. Putting together a blockchain study guide for buidlers to learn


The Buidlers in LXDAO are all elites in different industries, each with unique insights in their own field and a passion for learning, and we wanted to use this as the main point to form a learning sharing group to record and encourage people to share their expertise.


In many chats, many buidlers have expressed a great enthusiasm for learning about different areas and knowledge

Wechat talk record


About LXDAO learning Share

We would like to apply for a grant to reward study groups, facilitators and sharers with a certain number of points, which is what keeps the project going
Of course, we will also output research content in response to the content shared to help you keep track

LXDAO sharing sessions are held every 2 weeks, with specific people invited by the LXDAO learning sharing team.

Topics: can be random or fixed

Guests: LXDAO internal members

Time: Every Friday at 8 pm / Saturday at 3 pm

Duration: half an hour to one and a half hours

Frequency: Once every 2 weeks

Venue: Discord, Tencent Conference


If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them together


We can also invite experts outside of LXDAO to share their products and knowledge. Do you think this is a good idea that we have a theme or target for this Learning-sharing group?

Of course, we will not only invite guests from within LXDAO, but also external guests
For the objectives, the initial idea is to have a quarterly assessment of the study groups
In addition, we will summarise the content of each sharing into a research report, or even into a learning collection, not only for external publicity, but also for newcomers to LXDAO to provide some learning reference

Hope to have systematic learning materials or guidance for beginners, should step by step to understand and learn what basic knowledge, and then web3 general direction classification of learning has a simple introduction or suggestions.

Good advice, a tutorial for newcomers will also be part of the group’s mission

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