About developing Snapshot mobile app

Snapshot is a proposal voting tool that is very well-known and used very frequently. When users are working on PC, it is easier to use Snapshot. But there are some problems when using mobile and tablets as follows:

  1. Snapshot does not have a good notification mechanism. Although you can set up third-party app notifications through bots, not everyone is used to using discord, telegram, email, etc.
  2. Snapshot can only be used on mobile with a browser and cannot immediately find the latest proposal to be voted on. Users may follow multiple spaces, which is even more inconvenient.
  3. A wallet signature is required for voting, which may have phishing site security risks.

Snapshot is very important for DAO. I want to develop an app to make it more convenient for web3 users to use Snapshot on mobile. As a senior mobile developer at LXDAO, I can make some contributions to this goal with the power of the community to make the web3 infrastructure stronger.

The road map of this app product is as follows:

Phase 1

  1. Create an app on iOS and android platforms.
  2. The app features include proposal notification (P1), a view of all proposal information of space, and voting on proposals.
  3. Open source the mobile app and backend code if any.

Phase 2

  1. Develop the remaining open API features, including creating and modifying proposals, creating space, and richer display of space information.
  2. Develop mobile develop SDK and open source.

Phase 3

  1. Integrate the remaining features of snapshot into the app.(if we can get more open API support from Snapshot official)

Here is the Phase1 part of the app prototype design:

Of course, we are discussing and trying to get official support from Snapshot for this project.

We hope to obtain an official endorsement from Snapshot. In this way, it’s easier to be used by other DAOs.

Speaking of the development costs, it’s good to get some grants from Snapshot if it’s possible. If we cannot get it, we can go to DAOs who used Snapshot a lot to apply for it.

This product will be open source under the MIT (or GPL?) license and will be a public good. If Snapshot wants it in the future, we can transfer it to them. So we can also discuss if Snapshot has a mobile product design or not, if they have, we can buidl based on it to reduce some costs to update.

If, unfortunately, we don’t get any outside support, we will not develop the mobile app independently and will consider integrating the proposal voting feature into the DAO OS product.

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I think this is a great idea, but there is a question about the proposal status
I want to know whether the proposal is approved or not, this function is quite critical

I found a reference here, quite a nice design

Good suggestion. According to the strategy, the calculation should be able to get the result.

Good one, depending on how we are designing this app. If it’s a general app based on Snapshot, then we need to follow the results of Snapshot. If we are building a customized voting system like nouns, then we need to do that for sure.

Btw, seem Snapshot has a customizable calculation logic feature, we could try to buidl one.

Found a proposal for a mobile app :star_struck:, but i have a little different voice: the first point you mentioned, the “Although(discord, telegram, email, etc)” maybe enough. And as a mobile developer, it’s sad to find that people really don’t want to install new apps.

Yeah, especially in China, but that’s becuase we have WeChat and MiniProgram. Outside of China, if it provides some convenience, will install it.

Through third-party settings, there are many ways to notify proposals. The mobile app is another more convenient way, which also brings other features.

Due to a recent discussion with Bruce and Kahn, inspired by DAOhackathon at hackerearth.com, we probably will:

Stay super focused on a single feature, it is high quality/not-disturbing notification of

  1. Your cared voting requests from DAO/projects
  2. Info you subscribed only, like mod/annoucement channel in dc, KOL in twitter, projects you pay attentioned to