About Designing Community Members’ On-Chain Identity and On-Chain Governance

Existing on-chain governance:

  1. The early builders own the SBT(on Ethereum), representing the chain’s identity and governance rights.
  2. However, community members cannot identify their identities on the chain.
  3. After the new onboarding system starts, every community member (including all builders) has a MemberFirstBadge.

Improvement plan:

  1. Separation of identity and governance rights on the chain.
  2. Develop a new member SBT(on polygon). All members with MemberFirstBadge will get it, and the function is the same as builder SBT.
  3. Develop a new governance NFT(on polygon). Members who previously held SBT will be airdropped to govern NFT (ERC721Votes).
  4. Weaken the builder’s identity and change it to a member with governance rights.

I’ll think about how we can record the ETH issued by the main network on the polygon network after we move to Polygon and the USDT is issued through the ETH network