A Nouns-style DAO designed for donating to traditional open-source projects

At present, traditional open-source projects and contributors (in the Web2 domain) receive funding through platforms like GitHub Sponsors · GitHub and https://opencollective.com/.

Normally a few buckets ppl per month, most of developers and projects get nearly nothing.

Some popular examples:

We could initiate a Nouns style DAO for supporting these projects, let’s assume the name is OS-Nouns:

  • Those passionate about funding open-source projects can bid on an OS-Nouns NFT daily.
  • We accepting donations to the DAO treasury.
  • Each month, we will evaluate the open-source projects and determine the budgets available for funding these projects in fiat currency.
  • OS-Nouns NFT holders can vote for the open-source projects they wish to see funded. Additionally, we will provide expert reviews that give some basic information about the projects, such as their influence, development status, and code quality.
  • For sustainability, the runway is consistently set at two years. This means that the budget available for funding an open-source project is the total treasury divided by 24, converted into fiat (since the Web2 sponsor platforms currently only accept fiat).

Why doing this:

  • Open-source developers deserve this support!
  • It’s a fun way to engage with Nouns and a novel approach to funding open-source projects.
  • It aligns with LXDAO’s mission of supporting Public Goods and open-source projects.
  • It helps build connections with Web2 developers while introducing them to the beautiful aspects of Web3, which is not merely filled with scams. Might onboarding some of them into Web3
  • It cultivates a positive influence within the developer community, akin to Airbnb https://opencollective.com/airbnb.

Any thoughts?

Here we need to consider what donors can get in return for their donations, otherwise the amount of donations will also be small. We need to design a mechanism that returns the subsequent benefits of open-source projects to these donors, so that they have enough motivation to continue donating.

Not really. The donors will get an OS-Nouns NFT and have the right to vote for the projects they like, I think this is enough. For external donations, we could list them on the website.

We can suggest that open-source projects provide some benefits (actually no one asked before in Web2) to OS-Nouns holders, but should not expect to have it.

I think the impact is the return for this project and its supporters.

I strongly agree to use web3 technology and new organizations to help web2 open source projects.
We can do something to help with this, and my concern is finding users who donate.

This is a good question, we will need a good operator for building impact on this project.

yes, this is a great question, if we have very few people donated, it doesn’t make sense to build it.

but we can work with the projects like gitcoin, nouns, etc.

This is a good idea, we do need to spread Web3 to more Web2 developers, as well as spreading the ‘conscience’ value

But I have some questions that I would like to discuss
1. How to make the act of donation easy to understand and more fulfilling
Regarding the NFT along the lines of nouns, I don’t think it’s a better idea, while nouns does have a lot of influence within the DAO, they’ve done previous DAOs on the act of donating public goods:

There are now 23 proposals up there, But not many people are active in the moment, They discuss the selection of public goods and go straight to nounsdao, not pulicnouns now

Also, there’s a core problem: Web2 developer don’t know about NounsDAO, but odds are they know a story about the exchange of Bitcoin to pizza

I thought we could set up a little campaign where we initiate a donation behavior that incorporates pizza

Why do this?

pizza is one of the symbols of bitcoin, and I’m sure you’ve all heard of the bitcoin for pizza story, so we can set up a daily auction of NFTs that look like pizzas, and then we convey the belief that what you get in return for donating to a open source/public good right now could be the same thing that you got in return for the bitcoin for pizza in the early days, and of course, that’s more than just money.


2. There has to be an opportunity for us to start something, like participating in a gitcoin GR round.

On this point, I think we can refer to this proposal from NounsDAO, is there some way to optimize it a bit more

Also, I really think the pizza + donation of public goods is a great idea! Let’s all buy some pizza and send warmth to open source/public good developers!

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I found some great idea


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