What are the core assets owned by the owner of LXDAO

This question came from @dyson’s discussion in the governance group about the existing assets and ownership of the LXDAO buidler
The main issues are as follows.

  1. what are the assets owned by LXDAO Buidler, excluding SBT
  2. the ownership of LXDAO Buidler
  3. the actual interests and benefits tied to LXDAO Buidler
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Real benefits: Stablecoin income, LXP, airdrops, products VIP access, Tokens(in the future), etc. The buidlers own the DAO’s products.

Potential benefits: Leverage the whole DAO resources (Tokens, buidlers, connections) to implement your ideas, get achievements and practice experience from buidling valuable projects, and have the opportunity to get involved in the next big thing at an early stage.

  1. How to get these benefits?
  2. Is there any specific way for me to believe that I’m getting these?
  3. Is there any decentralized way to make these credible enough?