Web3 sign in web2 service

In web2, for sign-in, we used to see we could sign in with social media accounts like the following.

But what they do is verify the user’s credentials on their database. For example, Click the sign in with GitHub, redirect to GitHub and sign in, verify the user’s password, redirect back with the access token, and the App gets user information from GitHub, and all is done.

All apps just need basic user information, like email, name, etc., during this process. Can we buidl a service that users can Connect Wallet on our product and fill up user information (maybe save it on ENS?), then the App can integrate with our sign-in service just like sign-in with GitHub?

Is there any service that exists already?


This product will be an Oauth2 service provider, just like GitHub or Twitter. And verify the user’s wallet and return email, name, etc. to the application.

Very simple, useful, and secure service. We don’t need their private key.

After discussion, this might be a fictitious demand. Web2 applications might not need Web3 users to sign in.

I would see this as a promising feature!! It could be a vital bridge that helps web2 applications upgrade to web3.

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Web3 Auth https://www.slashauth.com/

A good explanation for SWIE and CW


EIP-4361 EIP-4361: Sign-In with Ethereum