Speaking about the new Donate3

Here are some designs and discussions for the new Donate3.

Just finished the first brainstorming call for the new Donate3 last night.

Key points here:

  • Teammates: PM Bruce; PD DaoDAO; FrontEnd Leo, UFO, 0xhardman.
  • Very simple MVP version, create the donate widget by putting a link on the page.
  • Get a certificate if you choose to pay more gas
  • Support ETH first
  • Provide analytics page
  • Integrate with ENS for the profile

I’m thinking we can build a certificate donation EIP, and the donation contract support changing the certificate contract to mint a different certificate SBT.

Also, in the future, we might consider hosting some big donation events for specific purposes, like supporting students from the poor area 12年前山区孩子上学吃饭的一幕,经历过饥饿的孩子,米饭青菜一样吃得香。_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

For example, based on Donate3, buidl a DAO for supporting students, everyone who donates to the DAO will have a donation certificate and can vote for the expenses. Later, volunteers can submit proposals for the funds with details, if the proposal gets approved, then can be supported.

This might be a new DAO model similar to Nouns!

Question: Is there a public address that is dedicated to doing good deeds, as opposed to other general addresses (if all addresses are common and private, it will be like transferring money to someone to a certain degree)? The money remitted to this address is dedicated to public welfare. The flow of money is transparent and open. It is easy to check on the chain.

In this project, donors have donation certificates, and donation methods can add this one: launch NFT and then use the proceeds to charities. For details, please refer to homeless Friends .

This is exact what I was thinking. https://twitter.com/mikedemarais/status/1395910410063253505