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New Project Donate3

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Sep 21th,2022


Buidl the donation infrasture for Web3. Help anyone who wants to be donated with cryptocurrency on social media, blog, websites, mobile apps, etc.


Based on our research, improvements can be made to the experience of donating using cryptocurrencies, such as

  1. Usually we display donor information on the official Dapp website, such as, but as the number of donors increases, we need to integrate and publish it in the front-end code frequently, which is rather time-consuming.

  2. In scenarios like GitHub, personal blogs, social media, etc., many people use multiple wallet addresses directly to get donations, but donors are inefficient and error-prone.

  3. The wallets that accept donations cannot quickly count the total amount of donations and the list of donors.

Therefore, I propose to start a project at LXDAO to improve the cryptocurrency donation experience, which will be done by LXDAO buidlers.

The first edition of the product prototype link is here.

Once connected to the wallet, people can create their own project donation link on the platform and share it to any text usage scenario, and donors can easily click on the link to donate.

Donor information (avatar, ens) can be easily displayed on websites, markdown files, etc.
Donation records can be accessed and counted.


Around 6 - 8 weeks

Staff Requirement

  • Project Manager: Kahn/60h
  • Product Manager:1/60h
  • Designer: 1/60h
  • Contract Developer: 1/80h
  • FrontEnd Developer: around 1 ~ 2/120h in total
  • BackEnd Developer: 1/80h

Total budget distribution

  • 8625 lxpoints distributed by work time.
  • 300 lxpoints distributed to anyone who has the most votes.

Revenue distribution


  • 30% for LXDAO treasury
  • 70% for contributors

transfer fees income:

  • 30% for LXDAO treasury
  • 40% for contributors
  • 30% for project treasury

Key result

After the proposal’s success, we will launch integration testing on the official website in one month.

  • I support this proposal
  • I do not support this proposal
  • I think something needs to be changed

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Congratulations to this proposal passed for voting, and we recruit members next, research about technology to realization.