Proposal: Establish Routine Process for ETH Mainne Treasury Fund Transfers to OP Treasury


Establish the process of transferring funds from ETH mainnet treasury to the OP treasury on an as-needed basis for contributor distribution as a regular procedure, following last month’s successful implementation.


LXDAO community members have long been concerned about the high costs of distributing funds on the mainnet. Despite over 60% voting in favor of a proposal to transfer treasury funds to OP with no opposition, it unfortunately did not reach the 70% consensus threshold due to some governance participants being inactive.

However, the voting results showed strong approval for the proposal. We changed the process to transfer all treasury funds on-demand and successfully tested OP distribution in the last round of contribution rewards. The proposal discussion received unanimous community approval.

Therefore, I formally propose to establish the October 17th test process as a regular procedure: each month, the budget for that period will be transferred from the mainnet to the OP treasury by a trusted executor, and then distributed by the same multi-signature guardians as on the mainnet.


This process will continue until a new governance system is launched, as discussed in the following post:

Execution Process

  1. The mainnet treasury (0xB45e9F74D0a35fE1aa0B78feA03877EF96ae8dd2) will transfer the required expenditure for the next period to the trusted executor’s EOA account.
  2. The trusted executor will transfer the funds to OP via cross-chain or CEX.
  3. The executor will then transfer the funds to the OP provisional treasury (0x2C6360a6a376111fe004F50086b05D0d1596F24F).
  4. The multi-signature guardians will officially begin distribution from the OP’s Safe wallet.

Test Record

Executor Marcus has received funds from the mainnet treasury and transferred them to CEX: (10U) (33035.2U)

Executor Marcus’s record of transferring funds to OP via CEX: (10U) (33035.2U)

OP Treasury History Record:

Please share your opinions about this proposal. I plan to initiate a Snapshot proposal on December 7th, with voting ending on December 14th.

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That sounds great!!!

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Executor marcus has completed Optimism Treasury execution, Optimism Treasury has arrived (10U) (24449.4U) (10U) (24449.4U)

Executive Marcus has transferred December paychecks to the Optimism treasury.
Hash address: (10U)
Hash address: (26278.14U)