Proposal: Dismiss Onboarding Committee

Title: Dismiss Onboarding Committee

Proposal Champion: @Bruce_LXDAO

Date: Mar 11th 2023


This proposal suggests merging the Onboarding Committee with the Governance Working Group and redesigning its structure.


The Onboarding Committee was previously formed based on a working group proposal (Snapshot). However, we have identified some issues with the current system:

Lack of automation and transparency:

The onboarding process involves a lot of manual work, which has resulted in some committee members not actively participating in the onboarding process, such as voting or background checking.

Low engagement from new builders:

While submitting the form is easy, actively contributing to LXDAO can be challenging for new builders. Some builders struggle to find their way of contributing to LXDAO after joining and remain inactive.

Barriers to joining the community:

The current onboarding process may discourage people outside of LXDAO from joining the community and making contributions due to its complexity.

This proposal aims to address these issues and streamline the onboarding process to make it more accessible and engaging for new builders.

New Solution:

This proposal suggests a more automated and streamlined approach to joining the LXDAO community:

  1. Anyone can become a member of LXDAO by connecting their wallet and filling out a profile form on the official website, including their skills and interests. Once completed, they will become a member of LXDAO.
  2. Members will receive emails and notifications and can participate in working groups and projects on the website, where they can find ways to make contributions.
  3. After a period of time, members can join working groups or projects, identify their position to contribute, and earn U or LXP. Members who earn a certain amount of U or LXP can apply to become builders.
  4. Upon submitting an application, a snapshot will be automatically created on the governance day, and voting quorum and rules will be followed to approve or decline the application.
  5. Approved builders will receive permission to mint SBT cards automatically and can mint and onboard by themselves.
  6. Face-to-face onboarding and the Onboarding Committee will be removed. Instead, a welcome session will be hosted on the weekly community call.
  7. These processes will be merged into the Governance Working Group.

The benefits of this new approach include:

  1. Anyone can easily join LXDAO and register their profile, join projects or working groups, receive emails, and record their contributions on the website for reference.
  2. Working group leads and project managers can select members from the website for their new projects.
  3. No need for the Onboarding Committee to perform manual onboarding work.
  4. Only active builders will receive their builder card, and if they choose not to continue, they can leave their profile on the website or remove it.
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Make LX not a mysterious LX again!

sounds great!
by lowering the entry barrier we can have more people join LXDAO initially,and gradually build up impact and earn their membership based on solid contributions to LXDAO. which is a much more smooth and persuasive transition, compare to the current onboarding process.

Lowering the threshold is an important step in making LXDAO more accessible to everyone, and I support this idea