My First Layer2?

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Are we building/deploying a L2 chain or building a dapp that runs on a L2 chain?
Are we specifically focusing on rollups?

Not really. We are planning for a 101-style Layer2 education project, like

We focus on the basic concepts and general information for Layer2 technologies, not just for rollups.

include lightning network, state channel, sidechains, and plasma?

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We can list some questions first from a newbie’s perspective and think about the outlines. From me:

  • What is Layer2? What is the relationship between Ethereum mainnet? (We might need to draw some diagrams or create animations to explain this)
  • Why is Layer2 faster and has a much lower gas fee?
  • What are the differences between Layer2s? Like Arbitrum, zkSync, StarkNet, and Optimism. What are their underlayer technics, brief introduction, and give external links?
  • What are the applications and use cases of Layer2? How to experience existing Layer2 applications. (Tutorials of using Op, zkSync, etc.)
  • (Optional) How to develop applications on Layer2?

We can provide Chinese and English versions.

layer2 chat app

New questions collected from social media:

  • Do we really need so many Layer2s?
  • In which domain, Layer2 will play an important role and be used a lot? (GameFi? Reason?)
  • How to transfer NFT between Layer2s and mainnet?
  • There might be more L2s (Boba and Metis are both using Optimism codebase).
    OP Stack would allow people to launch more Ethereum L2s just like CosmosSDK launch people to spin up L1 in the cosmos ecosystem.
  • Any usecases where Appchain make sense, you could probably also consider using OP stack.
  • Bridge?
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I’ll draft the outlines and content structure shortly. We should not introduce so many new names or details, we just need to answer the common questions for the newbies to Layer2 and help them fully understand what, why, and how. In the end, giving the link to details should be fine.

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Struggling about the name, which one do you think is better?

  • MyFirstLayer2
  • MyFirstL2

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Target of this project

For people curious about Layer2 and don’t have prior knowledge(including blockchain or only a few blockchain knowledge).

Our goal: using diagrams, animation, and plain language to introduce the What, Why, and How of Layer2 in 30mins. After this project, people should get the idea behind Layer2 and find the extra resources to research further or start using Layer2 apps.

Will provide i18n features and support in at least English and Chinese.

Content writing mindset

Will start from the basic blockchain concepts: block + chain. And introduce the Blockchain Trilemma: scalability, decentralization, and security (will use interactive animation here for users to operate), and introduce why Ethereum is slow now. Later, introduce the concept of TPS to help users get some idea about the speed.

Based on the limitations, we will start discovering the solution for scaling Ethereum. Will use diagrams to express the core idea behind each technology and in the end, give its name. Will cover topics: Sharding, Layer2: State Channels, Plasma, Rollups (OP and ZK), and Sidechains(Polygon and BNB). Also, the QA section.

The next part is how to use Layer2 apps, we will list a few Layer2 applications (like zkSync, etc.) and show a step-by-step tutorial for how to use them, and point out the gas fee differents and speed, make the users experience the difference by themself. Also, we will point out the risks of Layer2.

In the end, will show the existing issues and extra links for learning more about Layer2. And will list contributors, sponsors, etc.


  • Blockchain quick start
    • Why it’s slow? (Trilemma, interactive animation)
    • How to measure the speed? (TPS and Web2 product TPS comparison)
  • How to scale the blockchain?
    • Interactive animation for showing the consequence of increasing blocksize of reducing block time
    • Sharding (concept and how to implement, estimated TPS improvements)
    • Rollups (concept and estimated TPS improvements)
      • OP and ZK differences
    • State channels
    • Plasma
    • Sidechains (Polygon and BNB)
  • QA
  • How to use Layer2?
    • zkSync step-by-step tutorial and comparison
    • … game, chat, etc
  • The further of Layer2?
    • Questions and extended reading
  • Contributors and sponsors (ESP)
  • LXDAO introduction
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Sharding is normally a layer 1 scaling solution. Maybe we should consider dropping it? Or are we only including it to illustrate the difference between layer 1 and layer 2 scaling?

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Sure, for the second part, we will focus on scaling problem, and then tell the learners Sharding is a layer1 solution.

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should probably start with a internal sharing about L2 & rollups. I will prepare a draft

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Yes please, @Marcus please follow up on this, thanks.

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