Multisig tool for Treasury spending


1/ There is an UI for a DAO member to propose a Treasury spending with multiple transaction proposals:

    { to: address ,  token: address, amount: uint256, content: string},
    { to: address ,  token: address, amount: uint256, content: string},

2/ Treasury management team can access the Gnosis-safe to execute this proposal.


1/ Content is an IPFS or Arweave hash of which real content is a json string for a later beautiful UI

2/ If the token is a native one (e.g: eth, bnb, matic) then the address is 0x0.

A. Motivation

(1) Most DAO vote is non-binding and their execution purely relies on the goodwill of the operation team, this operational work is tedious, and no one like it. However, it is not easy for a DAO to build your own executive vote system and many even don’t know about gnosis safe.

(2) Treasury spending potentially carries useful information that helps construct a story about the recipient. E.g: bruce.eth had received 1k usdc for building a UI for LXDAO, bruce.eth had received 2k BUSD for building a SmartContract for 8DAO. I have no idea about bruce.eth but I do trust LXDAO and 8DAO because treasury’s address is usually public and under scrunity of community. These transactions help build bruce.eth as an on-chain trustable identity.

(3) Other people can build their own social network based on the data that this system produce. Why? social profile UI is something subjective, similar to a credit system which I believe should never stay centralized again.

B. How to do this?

  1. Build an UI for proposal creation
  2. Build a gnosis-safe on some popular evm chains: eth, bsc, polygon
  3. Build a sample social profile to show others about the data usage.

C. Adaptation & Future expansion

Most DAO I know will face the treasury spending problem sooner or later. Most of the solutions in the market are standalone apps which makes it harder for market adoption. Similar solutions can be found here: DAO Masters

In the future, we can replace gnosis-safe with an executive vote system so we don’t need a delegated Treasury management team but any DAO member can direct cast their voice on the vote.E.g: All DAO members can access a separate UI to cast their voice (yes/no) to produce an Executive Vote (what is an executive vote? How Voting Works | MakerDAO Community Portal)Executive vote’s credential is many time more than Gnosis-safe vote’s one and help boost the adaptation of this idea/tool.

D. Resources

  • 1,500 LXP (just an abitrary number, really need ur comment on it)
  • 1 front-end engineer to build 3 UI (1,000 points)
  • 1 smart contract engineer to build the indexer for spending txn (500 points).
    The actual code should be similar to Disperse smart contract address on bsc can be found here: 0xD152f549545093347A162Dce210e7293f1452150
  • Timeline 3 weeks: 1 for learning the SDK, another 2 for implementation and refinement.IPFS is easier to implement but the UI will rely on a web2-style account on pinata or such to pin the actual data. We can use Bundlr to write data on Arweave using eth/bnb/matic to pay gas fee.

P/S 1: After this POC, we can look for a grant somewhere relate to either Gnosis or DAO. Personally, I have never applied for grant before, and I am excited to do it here with LXDAO

P/S 2: The Gnosis-safe UI can even help with transaction labelling and then turn the transactional data into financial reports later.


Nice proposal! What are existing toolkits available in this space? I think this falls under “Treasury Management”

there are few tool reviewed here: DAO Masters

I will track the technical implementation of this proposal.

Update on my work:

The 1st version of contract is done, however there is a lot to improve.
I am working on the Safe App SDK but its default CRA is buggy, take a lot of time than I thought.

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