LXP System User Guide

This document serves as an introduction to the LXP System and provides guidance on how to use it correctly. For more information on LXP, please refer to the following document: https://www.notion.so/lxdao/LXP-Rules-80afdaa00f754fb6a222313d5e322917.

LXP System includes two parts: LXP Application and LXP Announcement.

LXP Application(https://lxdao.io/LXPApplication):


Who can submit the LXP application form?

Currently, only LXDAO builders (who own SBT card) are able to submit LXP applications. Members who have made contributions can ask the project’s PM or accounting team members (@Marcus, @wodeche.eth) for help in submitting applications. The permission to submit applications may be opened up to everyone in the future. When submitting the application form, you can select the type of applicant: LXDAO Buidler or LXDAO Member.


When can I submit the LXP application form?

You can submit it at any time, and after submitting it, you will see the LXP submission record in your LXDAO website builder profile, and the status is pending, it’s waiting for the LXP announcement.

You need to submit your POW records for the current month before the deadline on the last day of the month, if it is after the submission time, please submit it together with the next month


What do I need to submit?

You need to select your identity type, name, address, LXP source, LXP amount, and reason. In the near future, an application for the stable currency USDC will be added.


The accounting team will verify the application forms, and it will be publicly disclosed in the community.

Accounting Team Members:@Marcus, @wodeche.eth

Term and Conditions

conscience 良心

LXP Announcement(https://lxdao.io/LXPAnnouncement):


Who will participate in the disclosure review?

Every Members/Buidlers in the entire LXDAO community.


  1. When will the announcement take place?

    The announcement period is from the 1st to the 7th of every month, during which everyone must review the disclosed LXP application records.

  2. When will the distribution take place?

    After the announcement period ends (on the 7th pre month), LXP release operations will be carried out on the 8th to the 10th for the records with no issues.

LXP Record Status

1)TO BE RELEASED: All new and problem-free applications submitted

2)RELEASED: LXP records that have been issued and the LXP records’ life cycle has completed

3)NEED TO REVIEW: Records that have issues and require review by the accounting team

4)REJECTED: Records that have been rejected due to issues and can be resubmitted


  1. Dispute: Everyone has the right to argue against submitted LXP records, and should provide reasons for objection and personal information for accounting team members to contact.(WIP)

  2. REJECT: For records with issues that have been confirmed through offline communication, the accounting team has the right to reject them and must provide reasons.

  3. REPUBLISH: For records with issues that have been confirmed to be problem-free through offline communication, the accounting team has the right to republish them. The status will change from “NEED TO REVIEW” to "TO BE RELEASED.”

  4. RELEASE: After the public disclosure period ends, all “TO BE RELEASED” records will be released by accounting team members. LXP will be minted from the LXP contract to the corresponding builder/member address.


The accounting team will make 3 announcements in the community, one by the end of each month, informing everyone to submit their POW records for the month, and during the LXP public period, informing everyone to check the POW records for the entire LXDAO, The last announcement was made at the end of the public period to inform people to check their wallets and whether the rewards had arrived

I think we might need to update this part, as we don’t have Buidler anymore. We have Members with SBT cards. Also, we should encourage people who receive LXP or U to register on the website so that we can track the records.

And later, we can move this to the LXDAO Docs.