LXDAO Long Term plans in 5 years

Hi everyone, it’s great to have a topic for discussing LXDAO’s long-term plans and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable goals.

With the goal of achieving our mission within the next five years, from 2023 to 2028, what steps should we take?

Our mission is to bring together buidlers to buidl and maintain “LX” (Valuable) projects for Web3, in a sustainable manner.

Four keywords to keep in mind: Web3 industry, collaboration, LX (valuable and meaningful), and sustainability.

If you asked me to visualize what LXDAO will look like in 2028, I would say:

  • Over 60 successful projects built within or in partnership with LXDAO, across a variety of areas such as education, the builder community, DeFi, NFTs, tools, dApps, and documentation.
  • Mature DAO governance rules and tools:
    • Fully powered by smart contracts and voting processes
    • Builders actively participating in the development of DAO tools, attending in-person or online events, and contributing to the community
    • A wide range of uses for the DAO tokens
  • A well-stocked DAO treasury with a variety of tokens, including stablecoins, and a healthy cash flow
    • At least one or two major projects generating substantial profits for the DAO, supporting other builders and projects.
  • Decentralization

The two focus keywords for 2023 are Sustainability and Internationalization.

In order to achieve sustainability, we need to identify projects with the potential to generate substantial profits for the DAO. Before that, we still need financing.

Internationalization is also crucial for LXDAO. By welcoming builders from all over the world, we can maintain our core values and benefit from the diverse perspectives and experiences they bring. This will also facilitate communication, from WeChat to Discourse or Discord, as builders from different cultures participate in proposal voting."

To get more builders, how do we attract builders to join, mainly to allow builders to gain benefits, such as money, knowledge, reputation, spiritual motivation, etc.
We can focus on how to benefit the builder. As the builder of LXDAO in 2022, have you got what you want? In 2023-2028, what do you hope to achieve in LXDAO?

Hi @kahn.yuan, buidler needs to contribute to get benefits. We are not a charity. For now, buidler who made contributions or actual work got what they needed, money (on the way), knowledge, and reputation.