LXDAO contribution and incentive system

It is hard to grow without a matching contribution and incentive system for an R&D-focused DAO like LXDAO. After a period of design and discussion, LXDAO launched the Contribution Incentive System, consisting of five main components.

1. Community Identity System

The community identity system is mainly used to pinpoint users who have contributed to the whole DAO, and the community identity is divided into three identities: Guest, Member, and Builder.

  • Guest: Visitors or citizens who just know LXDAO or use LXDAO products.
  • Member: LXDAO product active users, supporters, and fans.
  • Builder: LXDAO buidlers, including Committee members, Foundation Core Team, Designers, Developers, Operators, Product Design, Product Managers, Moderators, Investors, etc.

For governance efficiency of LXDAO, in the future, the community will elect to buidl committees for specific tasks, for example, buidler onboarding and project proposal review. The committee members will be changed regularly.

2. Vote System

The voting system determines the direction of the entire DAOs ecology and is the starting point for the entire DAO to stay alive and innovative.

LXDAO builders who hold SBT (need to pass the LXDAO interview and cannot be transferred) will have the highest vote power for LXDAO, which can determine the start of a product, and the development process, and the product’s future direction.

LXDAO members who hold NFTs (which can be transferred or sold) will have the opportunity to express their opinion of a product when needed but will not have much vote power in LXDAO.

Of course, opinions can also promote product reform, and user experience is crucial to the entire DAO. When you vote on a product opinion, there is a chance to get deep participation in the use of the product rewards. We encourage members to focus on the product rather than the rewards.

For more information on the SBT-based buidler membership system, you can move to this thread at: SBT-based membership system design - #4 by Bruce_LXDAO.

3. Points System

Community points record the value of your contribution to the whole DAO. In the development of the DAO, points are vital to motivating the whole DAO contributors.

At this stage, 1LX Points ≈ 1 USDC. Later, will be converted to tokens at a reasonable valuation.

The acquisition of LX Points consists of two main ways:

  • One-time payment: One-time payment mainly issued in the form of bounties, consisting of a number of short- to medium-term tasks.
  • Recurring payments: It is more of a formal job, with a certain amount of time each week devoted to the work of the DAO, and the specific work is ongoing and scheduled according to the DAO’s needs.

For the one-time payment, the workload is evaluated according to the difficulty and time of the task, and there are five levels, which correspond to different point rewards.

For the recurring payments,All interested users should apply before the start of the program, and the foundation will evaluate the capacity and workload to form an incentive amount that will cover one month and be budgeted for. You can submit your profile to the LXDAO foundation, or, of course, you can contact @Bruce_LXDAO at the forum.

4. Role System

LXDAO is open for anyone to join and contribute. To better promote product development and find the expertise and interests of each builder, we suggest five different roles for each interested potential builder. We also provide a grading system to facilitate the positioning and evaluation of different builders in stages.

This is just for reference, and we will update and add more if we need.

5. Reward System

Sustainability is part of the mission, and any contribution deserves rewards in LXDAO. For example, participating in projects, introducing high-value members, external cooperation and AMA, expanding DAO external resources, etc.

You can find jobs at Jobs - LXDAO

In summary

Incentives and tokens are like blood in LXDAO to make LXDAO work. The rules should encourage more contributors to participate in the DAO events and will get fair rewards.

If you have any comments and proposals about the LXDAO contribution and incentive system, please feel free to leave message below, and we can improve it together.



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