LXDAO Community Call#49

Host: @sanzhi

Date: 20th May 2023, Sat
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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USDT always releases

LXDAO anniversary article:

LXDAO Workshop design @sanzhi

and Proposal

Next Week

  • One-year anniversary prepare
  • Workshop Review
  • Translation Group
  • Create content bot to Discord and a Teams meeting bot
  • Daily operation work
  • The anniversary NFT

This Week

  • Introduction to the new members of the operation group has been completed at 80%
  • The anniversary NFT proposal details has been released at forum, will release next Monday at snapshot
  • LX Workshop deck has been completed, waiting for review and suggestion
  • Operation SOP Team has set up
  • Get more anniversary idea and more people join this work
  • PoW confirm with group member
  • Anniversary Article complete

DAO Tools
This Week:

  • Stablecoin support development.
  • New onboarding process development.
  • Planning smart contract community governance.

Next Week:

  • Finished stablecoin support development.
  • New onboarding process development.
  • Operate anniversary celebration technical support.
  • Prepare for the new product.

Technical Export

This Week:

  • Tech support for donate3.
  • BD data2.cash.

Next Week:

  • Onboard new members.
  • Follow up data2.cash.
  • Support for projects.

Img3 Project:

This Week:

  • Published a new version(1.1.0) of @lxdao/img3, added the global gatways setting.

This week

  • Complete expert group review
  • Complete translation work
  • Complete style proofreading
  • Complete gift shopping

Next week

  • Complete the translation and launch it online
  • Complete financial allocation settlement

Financing Working Group

This Week:

  • Confirmed investment intention amount: 385K (25.67%)
  • Not many updates. Waiting for the anniversary activities

Next Week:

  • Reach out to VCs and track progress
  • Finish SAFT


This Week:

  • No update this week

Next Week:

  • Pushing the progress of remaining tasks

EIPs Fun

This Week:

  • Finished first round product, UI, and QA review, working on the bug fixes. About half of the tasks remain
  • Had a session with ESP and got some positive feedback. Waiting for the response
  • Created a general newsletter template for operation and started gathering content
  • Created EIPs Fund small group, will collaborate with DAOStar team on designing the features, also invited Scott@Gitcoin as an adviser

Next Week:

  • Follow up on the operation strategy and prepare initial content for the launch
  • Fix most of the bugs and deploy an alpha version on production
  • Write product introduction post
  • Discuss and design the EIPs Fund feature and plans


This Week:

  • Fixed some bugs

Next Week:

  • Finish the remaining works and deploy on polygon

Governance Group

This Week:

  • Strategy conference organization, welcome to participate in the discussion
  • Initiate a multi-signature pre-selection proposal in the forum
  • Tokenomics discussion initial discussion, organize requirements and find professional tokenomics designers
  • Whitepaper advancement: complete initial draft of some board content

Next Week:

  • Initiate multi-signature rotation proposal
  • Initiate budget supplement proposals
  • Post tokenomics design requirements
  • WhitePaper Content Advancement