LXDAO Community Call #46

Host: @Marcus

Date: 29th April 2023, Sat
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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img3 Project

This Week

  • Established the img3 project community WeChat group and gathered valuable feedback from people.
  • Progressed the WeChat public article to 70% completion.

Next Week

  • Plan to publish the WeChat public articles to engage and attract more developers to join the project community WeChat group.
  • Successfully implemented the feedback received from users to support the component in setting the specified gateway globally.
  • Currently working on creating a video introduction to be displayed on the official website, providing more visibility to the Img3 Project.

Financing Working Group

This Week:

  • Secured investment interest totaling 385K, approximately 25.67% of the goal
  • Assembled a 5-member LXDAO financing team
  • Engaged with VCs and monitored progress
  • Drafted a version of the DAO legal structure

Next Week:

  • Announce the establishment of the Financing Working Group
  • Reach out to VCs and track progress
  • Continue developing the DAO legal structure

SteadyForce Working Group

This Week:

Next Week:

  • Working Group Kick Off

EIPs Fun

This Week:

  • Launched preview version of the website: https://eipsfun-git-develop-lxdao.vercel.app/, integrating features and refining UI
  • Improved EIPs Fun deck UI, with 80% completion
  • Gitcoin application rejected for unknown reasons
  • Completed one draft of 101 series content and sought additional content writers
  • Searched for new operators for the EIPs Fun project

Next Week:

  • Conduct website online preview and integration testing
  • Invite and confirm new operators
  • Complete product deck and submit to ESP for additional grants
  • Monitor grant and sponsorship progress


This Week:

Next Week:

  • Collaborate with the Laconic team on history report features
  • Advance remaining tasks
  • Keep track of grant updates


This Week:

  • Improved Product UI
  • Fixed some bugs from last tech review

Next Week:

  • Assess remaining tasks and monitor development progress
  • Aim to complete the first version

Other Updates

  • Developed the Fairsharing project for the DAO Hackathon
  • Scheduled to participate in the DAOStar Round Table next Friday

this week:

  1. Initiate a budget vote, the vote should have been passed, and some matters will be officially launched next week.
  2. Follow up the project status.
    1. My FL 2 is currently undergoing a new round of design optimization, and the previous problems have basically been fixed, waiting for the next round of overall technical review.
    2. Donate3, after switching to PM, we haven’t reviewed the progress together. Currently, there is no status feedback on the notion buglist, and we still need to wait for today’s weekly meeting to review the progress and plan.
    3. EIPs fun, the progress is normal, and I have not participated in the review for the time being.

next week:

  1. Planning and launching technical projects.
  2. Recruitment.
  3. Project follow-up


This Week:

Next Week:

  • Buidt partnerships with more partners
  • More ideas and proposals are born
  • Step-by-step migration to DC

Governance Group

This Week:

  • Putting together a white paper framework, Advance according to the content of the white paper framework
  • Research paper on public goods, open source products, Web3 education
  • Award Statistics

Next Week:

  • White Paper Content Updates
  • Governance Group Monthly Work Summary
  • Start the recruitment program, welcome to join the small partners who are interested in governance
  • LXDAO Monthly AMA

DAO Tools

This Week:

  • UI Design new onboarding process.
  • Researching and designing a new reward system.
  • Reached preliminary cooperation with DAOstar.
  • Research DAO Tools product.
  • Technical support 8DAO.

Next Week:

  • Research migrates the forum to Metaforo.
  • Complete the new reward system design.
  • New onboarding process development.
  • Research DAO Tools product.


last week

  1. The review of the design draft has been completed;
  2. The revision of version v2 of the design draft is basically completed;
  3. The content walkthrough has begun to be arranged;
  4. Gitcoin China Grants application;
  5. Research and repair some bugs;

next week

  1. Technical research and development completed;
  2. The second round of content review has been completed;
  3. Recruitment and initiation of content translation;

This Week

  1. Work plan for the quarter 70%
  2. WeChat public account: “Weekly News 45”, “Grants”, “Operation Team Recruitment”
  3. Cooperate with Amphi on Space, reach a cooperative relationship with the people of Riverman, and initially communicate and translate with Plancker
  4. Learn workshop document writing and deck drafts
  5. The operation team recruits articles to write and publish
  6. 4 applications received

Next Week

  1. Further communication with the applicant
  2. Confirm the operation team personnel and publicly release the introduction
  3. Complete the workshop deck
  4. The next phase of the translation team’s operation plan, and cooperate with Plancker and Amphi to further communicate
  5. Space plans to post forums for open discussion


  1. 本季度工作计划完成 70%
  2. 微信公众号:《周报 45》《Grants》《运营组招募》
  3. 与 Amphi 合作开展 Space,与河里人达成合作关系,与 Plancker 初步沟通翻译合作
  4. 学习工作坊文档撰写与 Deck 草稿
  5. 运营小组招募文章撰写、发布
  6. 收到4份申请


  1. 与申请人员进一步沟通
  2. 确认运营小组人员,公开发布介绍
  3. 完成工作坊 Deck
  4. 翻译组下一阶段运营计划,与Plancker、Amphi 合作进一步沟通
  5. Space 计划发布论坛,公开讨论