Invest data site

Investment data website:

  1. taking projects as dimensions, providing extended data on project teams, investment institutions, project classification, project feed, the project focus on KOL, etc., and scoring projects based on this information
  2. generate investment reports regularly based on existing investment data

Hi, if you want to enrich the process and format of the proposal, you can refer to this:

If a soft consensus is reached, a high-profile idea is formulated as a proposal
There are a number of suggested formats

Good idea. But I got two questions:

  • Where to get the correct and reliable data source?
  • What is the cost of collecting and maintaining the data?

Good idea! But I’m curious about the “scoring point”

  1. What are the rules for scoring?
  2. How are the weightings of the various elements assigned?
  3. it seems that the important data of "transactions " is not taken into account
  1. some other website , such like investors site, crypto news site
  2. depends on we are goal.

thinking, we can discuss it if we plan to do it.

Let’s have a quick discussion on today’s community call.

Cool, We can build better than this.

I will build it by myself if no one interested.

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just like this

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Nice! So we can buidl a website for showing nearly realtime data like this and to replace the previous one right? Sounds like a plan.

We can provide more data like the contact of the investor, etc.

I got an idea for this project. It’s like the Web3 version of Dove Metrics. We can build based on Web3 and make it lasts forever on the blockchain rather than purchased by Messari or some data companies.

We can design tokenomics for it, the people who contribute data will get tokens, and the consumers need to pay for the token to check on some data. And LXDAO maintains the service and get some tokens.

We can add more data, not just static investment data on airtable like Dove Metrics.

The public data will be stored on IPFS.

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We can even build a DAO template like Moloch DAO for wiki-like requirements. From initial funds to governance and consumption, build the sustainable cycle. Things are getting exciting.