Implement LXP as an ERC20 Token contract(WIP)

Title: Implement LXP as an ERC20 Token contract

Authors: NealZhu

Date Created: 2022.10.30

Date Posted: 2022.11.02


Implement LXP as an ERC20 Token contract with restricted transfer rules

Proposal Description


LXP currently is a SBT and is less programmable.
Implementing it as an ERC20 Token contract makes it easier to track, distribute LXP.
More details can be found in this LXP ERC20 Token Impl - #3 by Bruce_LXDAO

Scope of work

  1. ERC20 token contract
  2. backend API server to collect and aggregate data


2 weeks

Treasury Expenditures

300 LXP for Solidity development(30LXP/h * 10h)
300 LXP for backend api server(30LXP/h *10h)

Revenue Distribution


Key result

  1. LXP contract deployed at ethereum mainnet
  2. backend API for LXP data[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
  • for
  • against

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It looks like an incomplete proposal: missing details, tech design, and LXP. Hi @kahn.yuan can you help Neal to improve this?

Background and API design: LXP ERC20 Token Impl - #3 by Bruce_LXDAO

Yes it is a incomplete proposal, still working on it. I will ask kahn for help to complete this today

Why Ethereum mainnet? What are the considerations? Layer 2 or polygon is much cheaper

If we want to implement some voting logic combined with our SBT on Mainnet, or in the future, if we create a contract for swapping LXP with USDC from LXDAO treasure, L2 or polygon gonna be a problem, right?

So far so good, is there anyone against this proposal and give some reasons? If no, let’s move to the snapshot vote phase.