Idea: - web3 BD 资源公共物品化。

提出这个想法,源于我在做 LXDAO 的 BD 的时候,发现很多项目方、合作方找到 LXDAO,LXDAO 积攒了超过120+合作方资源。同时,Web3 本身的团队也是属于愿意互相合作,一起将行业生态发展起来。


在第一阶段,先将 LXDAO 的 web3 的资源公共物品化,再去鼓励更多从业者参与进来,同时进行产品设计。


Proposal: BD3

Title: BD3

Authors: Sanzhi

Date Created: 2023.08.26


Via BD3,

  • Establish collaboration information standards for project teams.
  • Enhance the efficiency of team collaborations.
  • Create a social network based on mutual collaboration and peer review.

Target Users

Web3 project teams

Super Developer


  1. At the current stage, the real users of Web3 are the project teams themselves.
  2. Web3 project teams are trending towards DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structures.
  3. One person, multiple organizations: Under the DAO model, an individual can belong to multiple DAOs.
  4. In the early stages, startup teams are primarily tech-oriented, lacking in Business Development (BD) capabilities.

Problems to Solve

  1. How can unfamiliar project teams reach out to each other?
  2. How can we reduce the trust costs in collaborations?
  3. How do early-stage startups acquire seed users?
  4. How do investment institutions find high-quality project teams?


Trust is transferable. Collaboration becomes easier.
Based on mutual evaluation credit and cooperation, BD3 is the Next Generation Organizational Network.

Why us? What us?

Currently, in the web3 space, our Business Development (BD) is facing several challenges. There are mainly three issues: Credit Crisis, Entrenchment of Social Strata, and Outdated Solutions.

Regarding the Credit Crisis, trust and credibility are of utmost importance, particularly in decentralized systems. However, we find ourselves confronting challenges that undermine this foundational aspect.

The entrenchment of social circles is also a significant concern. As we progress, there is an evident pattern of social groups becoming more entrenched, leading to diminished diversity and inclusivity in collaborations. While we do strive to address these challenges, the strategies we employ tend to be somewhat outdated, like demo days or promotions through Twitter KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders).

"So, what issues does BD3 primarily address? BD3 leverages web3-related approaches to enhance both the speed and quality of project business development.

  • We will establish standardized collaboration criteria for projects. This reduces the challenges brought about by adapting to different standards in project BD.
  • We’re creating a networked social relationship based on collaboration and peer reviews. This network, powered by artificial intelligence, addresses the weak social ties between project teams and financiers. Furthermore, based on the reviews, AI helps in generating implicit tags for different financiers and projects. This then leads to intelligent recommendations, streamlining the process for project teams to find suitable partners."

Upon first opening the page, you’ll be greeted with a list of projects. If you’re not logged in, you’ll see a default list. However, once logged in, you’ll be presented with a recommended list tailored to your collaboration history, evaluations, and other data. This feature aims to save users time in sifting through projects and directly connecting them with suitable ones.

Upon entering a project page, you’ll find detailed project information, existing partners, historical evaluations, and posted needs.

Moving on to the personal page, you’ll see options to set up your profile. The settings here influence your subsequent project recommendations and potential partners for posted needs. Additionally, this section will display needs sent to you.

Lastly, we have the core functionalities: “post needs” and “one-click BD”. Here, users can input their project details. Based on the project description, user history, and evaluations, our algorithm will suggest the most fitting partners. Once the project side pledges the tokens specified in the offer, the corresponding needs will be pushed to the relevant partners, swiftly fulfilling BD request dispatches.

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