Governance Group Weekly#04

Host:* @Marcus

Date: 29th April 2023, Tue
Time: 19:00 - 20:00
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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POW Confirm

Progress Update


  • Overview @Bruce_LXDAO

  • Governance

    • Basic governance (joining, voting, governance cycle, etc.) @Marcus
    • LXDAO Improvement Comments (LIP) @ray
    • Organizational Structure @kahn
    • Additional framework exploration
  • Tokenomics

    • Outstanding Token Design Case research


  • Helped Working Group form & Coaching governance

Extra Task

  • Research: On-chain governance and off-chain governance (governance perspective)

What’s Next
Random Talks



The definition of the project in the community organization structure.

(9+) Working group governance guide (

(9+) New Rewarding System (

Definition of LIP: All proposals are LIP except project team proposals
How are some proposals and governance norms defined?
Effective regulation by publishing LIP XX
For example: LIP5 determines how the proposal reference template will look like, and then the proposal format released later will refer to the LIP5 reference template

What is a LIP?

LIPs are a formal process that allow community members to identify problems and propose new features, improvements, or major upgrades to the LXDAO. LIPs are the primary mechanisms for driving community contribution, collecting technical input, and documenting protocol design decisions.