Community Call 2022-11-16

Meeting link: [Join conversation ]

Host: @Marcus

Time: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM Beijing Time UTC+8


  • LXDAO Monthly AMA
  • New joiners self-introduction
  • PM Projects Updates
  • Working Groups Updates
  • Community Updates
  • Random Talks

New joiners self-introduction

  • Axtlive
  • Deng Deng
  • UFO

Projects Update

Working Groups Updates

  • Onboarding Committee kick off on Monday, new members: Bruce, Kuncle, Yootou, Marcus, DaoDAO, neethan, timtimtim.eth, and Bebe. DaoDAO is working on the new Onboarding page and workflow. Proposal passed: Snapshot
  • Governance Group todo @marcus
  • DAO Tools @muxix todo
  • Data Center @kuncle : Dune Api Upgrade, Community Data Daily Log, Web Site Scam Data

Community Updates

LXDAO and Project Investment

Please verify your wallet in DC to get buidler role!

LXDAO Points Record

Industy Paint:

  • Lack of transparency. For normal people it’s hard to monitor the usage of their donation. They only know they gave, but don’t know to whom they gave and how the giving make things different.
  • Inefficient. Cash donating, especially transnational donations, usually ask for rather complicated bank flows and suffer the time difference.


  • Combine centralization and decentralization; use smart contract to donate and recording all the related info on the blockchain. Volunteers and auditors are obligated to identify the people in need.
  • Coins will be sent via blockchain, and there’s no extra cost except for gas fee even the funds are transferred among different countries. No time difference, no bank, just 2 wallets and the transfer can be completed within minutes.

Business Overview below