Buidler Card Replacement

Titile: About Buidler Card ETH address replacement

Hello everyone, about naomi, LXDAO #42 buidler
Due to the theft of my personal wallet, I am applying for the SBT Buidler Card replacement process.

  1. Submit your original address information
  2. Submit new address information
  3. Governance group to determine whether the request is self-initiated and whether I am aware
  4. If confirmed, the replacement will be carried out
  5. Record information and backup

Buidler Profile:https://lxdao.io/buidlers/0x1532d98e151028BA6f4241b136c4844002612a30

Buidler Card: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0xbd7abbee471f7a0ffe5fcc4ce176d92ca3f4dffe/42

Chat Transcript:

Old address: 0x1532d98e151028BA6f4241b136c4844002612a30
New address: 0x0f051cb93a67e0259dcee8ca23256039b72b9e7f

I have confirmed and verified that Naomi wants to update the new address by phone.

I have confirmed the new address.

They were updated and moved.