About Mult-Sig Owner Rotation

Welcome to the election of a Mult-Sig Owner role holder for next.

The soft Proposal will close exactly 3 days after the posting of the forum.

If you are not familiar with the rules of the multi-signature rotation, please visit our LXDAO Multi-Signature Rotation Rules: https://www.notion.so/lxdao/Mult-Sig-Owner-Rule-9508aace6d444c5eb7281bf788fc135e

Here are some key points.

Timetable: the election will be open until 11:59 pm UTC+8 on 2 December

A total of five multi-signature holders will be elected, vote for your preferred multi-signature holder
There are nine applications for multi-signature candidates, so a two-round voting system will be used.
The first soft vote selects the 5 multi-signature holders with the highest number of votes
The second round of Hard votes will be used to complete the change of multi-signature holders (expected on 7 December)

Current multi-signers.

  • Satoshi Natsu (Allen Xia#2747)
    Investor, buidler#04, Foundation member
  • Yootou (0x1998#7800)
    Investor, buidler#05, Foundation member
  • shep (shep.eth#6159 )
    Investor, Advisor
  • Zhu Lei (artgeek#6764)
  • BubuBut (bububut#9999)

List of Applicants

  • Owen (Owen zhang#5158)
    LXDAO’s early investors have supported LXDAO in terms of investment and media resources, Expertise in financing directions, and have been following the growth of LXDAO.
  • Sally (Sally#2673)
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, Expertise in financing directions, Governance Team Members, LXDAO Early tokenomics model contributor
  • Satoshi Natsu( (Allen Xia#2747))
    LXDAO Early investor,Entrepreneur, expertise in legal orientation
  • Bruce((Bruce | LXDAO#5678)):
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, One of the co-founders of LXDAO,PM of several groups of LXDAO(GCLX#000, MyfirstNFT#001, Onboarding Committee), Developer, Foundation member
  • Kuncle( (Kuncle | LXDAO#5379))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, LXDAO Data Centre PM, Developer, Foundation member
  • Kahn((kahnyuan.eth#8869))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler,Donate#006 PM, Developer,Foundation member
  • Su((su#0570))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, HashDNA#007 PM, Developer
  • Yootou((0x1998#7800))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, MetaPavo#002 PM, Developer, Foundation member
  • Muxin((muxin.eth#1619))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, LXDAO Tools PM, Developer, Foundation member
Mult-Sig Owner Vote
  • Owen (Owen zhang#5158)
  • Sally (Sally#2673)
  • Satoshi Natsu (Allen Xia#2747)
  • Bruce (Bruce | LXDAO#5678)
  • Kuncle (Kuncle | LXDAO#5379)
  • Kahn yuan (kahnyuan.eth#8869)
  • Su (su#0570)
  • Yootou (0x1998#7800)
  • Muxin (muxin.eth#1619)

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