About buidler's plans to add LXP

Recently, I was counting LXP, but I found some problems
Some buidlers involved in production projects or working groups get some points, but buidlers who are active, participate in community calls, proposal discussions, governance, and not involved in projects get very little LXP
I propose a idea here
For buidlers who are active in governance and proposal discussions, there should be an additional fixed LXP
(Participation in governance and voting is also a great contributioon for LXDAO)
I’ve come up with a simple idea here
Each buidler gets a fixed salary of 100 LXP per month, but of course, this is only available to buidlers who participate in governance and community discussions
Of course, this reward is not given for doing nothing, it is only distributed to Buidlers who are involved in governance and active in the community

  1. in a month of 4 times of community call, participation in less than 2 times deducted 50 LXP
  2. 50 LXP will be deducted for not commenting on any proposal within a month

What do you think? Feel free to comment!

  • I think the suggestion of adding 100LXP/Monthly to Buidler is great
  • I think this is nonsense
  • I have reservations

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I believe this is great. There are many small contributions that are hard to record or measure, so having a basic airdrop for active builders is beneficial.

However, 100LXP per month seems a bit low. Perhaps it should be increased to 200LXP? Additionally, the criteria for receiving rewards should be more specific and automated. For instance, 50LXP could be awarded for voting on a proposal at least twice, while voting on all proposals during the month could earn 100LXP. Furthermore, contributing to community calls or participating in discussions in the community (as recorded on the website and DC) at least twice a month could earn 50LXP, while attending every community call could earn 100LXP. Or other rules.

And we can show it on the Website on their buidler profile to guide them to get involved.

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Good idea, but all expenditures are based on a reasonable budget.
We should make a budget first based on finances and then make a decision.

Yesterday, I discussed with my mentor for participation in governance voting should be motivated. To share his point of view, he said that voting/governance needs to pay costs. At the same time, personal voting has little impact on decision -making, so everyone will tend to not participate in governance.

Yes, governance has a cost and should be matched with incentives

Hi Marcus, I think it is more appropriate to replace the “problems” you are referring to with “phenomenon”. If they are called problems, then there should be a counterpart to the goal of trying to achieve but failing.

So what is it that we want to achieve?

If the goal is to get more builders to participate in relevant discussions, then we should find out the real problems that hinder this goal.

It is recommended that LXDAO not use the points incentive too easily at this stage. Not only will it obscure the real problem, but it is also likely to discourage otherwise active builders due to the “Westerners Effect”.

It would be even more unfortunate if we found out that the LX points themselves do not lead to “Westerners Effect”.

By the way, how do I display a tag like LXDAO Builders next to my username like you guys?

I was wondering about the total number of LXP. As more buidlers join in. the release number will increase dramatically.

And about joining the community call, some buidlers join for just a few minutes, does that count or not? We need to set more specifications for that. And it would be joining the call but not listening or talking. It’s hard to define contribution by joining the call.

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Good questions, might be more careful for designing this. Btw, the total number of LXP is around 16W now from 1st June 2022. But might be changed, please refer to the actual onchain points.


Thank you for the additional info.

I think the rules need to be further clarified. The current rules are too simple. From the perspective of rational people, they will basically participate at the minimum cost. I think it may be necessary to design some ladder rewards? For example, reward 10lxp for 1-10 participations, and 20lxp for 10-50 participations.